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Product Name: Melamine Powder
CAS No: 108-78-1
Product Type: Organic Chemicals and Derivatives -> Heterocyclic compounds
Product spec: White powder;purity 99.8% min
Packing: 25kg/500kg/1000kg package
Post Time: 2019-07-30
Usage: Application: 1. Resin raw materials: in the production of melamine-formaldehyde resin. 2. Decorative veneers:Melamine can be used as veneer of plane, ship and furniture, also as fire, earthquake, and heat resistant housing decorative material. 3. Coating: Cross-linking agent used in coating of acrylic acid series, alkyd series and epoxy series. 4. Molding powder: It can be made into high-class insulating material used in daily vessels, sanitary ware, imitation porcelain tableware, and electrical equipment. 5. Paper treating agent: It can be used as paper treating agent after the etherification by diethyl ether and produce anti-wrinkle,anti-shrink, and moisture proof bank note and high-rank paper of military map etc.
Description: Q1.What''s the payment terms? We could accept these payment terms: T/T L/C DP Escrow Western Union Paypal Q2.What’s the shelf life for the cargos? Our product’s shelf life is 2 years, which is based on dry and ventilated storage. Q3.What’s the delivery time? We usually deliver the cargos within 7-15 days after receiving customer’s payment. Q4.What s can we supply? Commerical Invoice, packing list, bill of loading etc. The s will be sent by Express within 24hours against your full payment.
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